The intentions of this website are:

  • To motivate me to prove that real estate marketing is changing rapidly, and it is no longer a requirement to hire a real estate agent to successfully sell a home.
  • To be used as an online resource by myself and anyone else interested in HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME WITHOUT A REAL ESTATE AGENT and FOR SALE BY OWNER MARKETING.
  • I learn a lot more when I feel like I’m teaching. This blog is a way for me to teach not only myself, but others as well.
  • To learn the ins and outs of for sale by owner marketing.
  • To provide reliable, informative and organized information about FOR SALE BY OWNER MARKETING and HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME FAST.

My goals are to:

  • To uncover and discover FOR SALE BY OWNER MARKETING best practices. (By using a combination of proven, tried and true traditional real estate methods, and engaging sales marketing techniques.)
  • Do my best to answer every comment and question that is asked of me as soon as I can.
  • Find out the best and most up to date resources for selling your home by owner and share them with you as they change.

This website is NOT:

  • A knock on traditional real estate agents, or brokers. I love real estate agents, am a licensed agent, and still have the desire to list and sell properties in my local market. I have just noticed a growing segment of sellers like you, who are willing to take it upon themselves and advertise and market their homes as an agent would…. This is how to do it!

Thank you for your support and for using as your trusted FOR SALE BY OWNER marketing resource. If you’d like to find out how to get started, please click here for a free step-by-step tutorial.